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Our Banking & Finance department assists with the structuring of collateral, preparation of loan and guarantee documentation, refinancing, creditor negotiations and the enforcement of security interests.

We have extensive experience in assisting with cross-border matters and are well-versed in handling the particular challenges posed by international transactions.

We support clients throughout the financing project, from the planning and choice of financing model, to the negotiation and preparation of documentation, the furnishing of collateral, as well as any subsequent refinancing. We also assist with the enforcement of collateral and other measures in case of default on loan and guarantee liabilities. We have a comprehensive international network of lawyers, as well as a detailed understanding of the rules governing cross-border debt collection. This is of course no less important when drafting the contract than when default occurs.

Our team has particularly extensive experience in ship financing, including commercial asset financing, export financing, as well as sale and leaseback structures. We have in-depth knowledge of this industry from the perspectives of banks, export credit agencies, shipowners and shipbuilders.

We have long-standing and comprehensive experience from financial leasing, project finance and corporate finance, for both large and small companies. This includes financing from the EIB and the NIB, as well as hedging of own debt positions through interest rate swaps and more complex ISDA-based agreements.

In addition to assisting on financing projects, we also advise on specific regulatory and company law issues of relevance to financing or to financial institutions. This includes the provision of ongoing compliance advice to several financial institutions, and we have in the last year assisted with the acquisition of Norwegian finance companies and the establishment of financial services firms in Norway.

Some of our spesialists